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Quality and Compliance

Quality and Compliance

With no exception, everyone is responsible to upholds the company’s Quality and Compliance principles.
In today’s highly competitive world, both customer perspective and compliance are more significant than ever before, and this is extremely crucial for business success and most importantly to sustain success. Therefore, MPC has established the Quality and compliance department with the sole mission to deliver successful customer outcomes in a compliant way.

The organization has embraced the “Outside-In” perspective in defining Quality Policy wherein states that it is everyone’s responsibility to meet or exceed the customer requirements and expectations by delivering the improved services consistently.

At the same time, MPC is committed to operating it business with highest standards of ethics, and integrity, and in compliance with all applicable laws, regulations and business partners (Principals) agreements including but not limited to Commercial, Anti-Bribery –Anti-Corruption, PV, and GDP(Quality) agreement.

As an organization, we encourage all employees including the senior management to speak-up if they observe any violation, and breach or aware of any non-conformance.

The company has adopted the zero tolerance towards discrimination, retaliation bribes, fraud, defalcation, improper payments or other similar remuneration to obtain or retain business improperly.


  • The organization is certified for ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management standard.
  • The organization has a whistle-blowing mechanism to report a violation anonymously.
  • The organization has an In-house code of conduct, policies, and procedures required for the business to meet and maintain the compliance at all relevant levels within the organization.

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