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Medical Division

Medical Division

MPC’s goal is to deliver profitable growth, through best in class sales, service and marketing execution resulting in innovative solutions answering to clients needs.

Our specialised medical business unit brings to it’s customers bundled solutions and innovative products.

The Medical Division takes pride in its successful track record of bringing to customers bundled healthcare solutions. We are a long term trusted partner in the UAE, with an excellent reputation and an extensive network and proven outcomes that we continue to bank on to deliver successful projects. We import medical devices and implement technological solutions that our customer value the most and ultimately assure the delivery of best quality care to patients.

We are a team of professionals coming together from a diverse cultural background with global experience in the healthcare field. United in our vision and values, we assure our partners and customers alike that we shall add the right value to their business and deliverables through excellence in our performance. To stay ahead of the curve, we regularly invest in training our sales specialists, product specialists, and engineers and do often engage and share with our key customers such learning, in true partnership spirit.

Access to market, availability of products and service uptime are the essence of our success. We do so while investing in the latest monitoring and control systems available and infrastructure resources, be it administrative or financial, to support our operational activities and delight clients.

With solid regional experience, our specialized business units are focused on their customer needs - consulting and advising on healthcare product requirements and bringing them the latest innovations through their global partner network of leading healthcare manufacturers.

Most importantly, we listen to the professional healthcare givers and planners and what we hear is simple... Promise Delivered.

And, this is the essence of our everyday operations - be it supplying suture to the operating room, a scanner to the radiology department, materials to a dental clinic, diagnostic kits to a laboratory, repairing a ventilator in the ICU, or equipping a full hospital project turnkey.

  • Equipment & instrumentation for operating rooms,infection control, physiotherapy and rehabilitation, CCU,ENT, obstetrics, ophthalmology, urology, hospital furniture.
  • Medical radiology / imaging, nuclear medicine, oncology / radiotherapy, lithotripsy and ultrasound systems for all specialities. Extensive line of healthcare solutions inclusive of PACS, RIS, hospital information systems.
  • Surgical consumables, laparoscopy, bariatric, and endoscopy, and neurospine products, integrated or rooms telemedicine solutions.
  • Advanced wound care, food hygiene.
  • CSSD and infection control solutions.
  • Laboratory diagnostics and analytical equipment,reagents & consumables.
  • Dental consumables and equipment for clinics and laboratories.
  • Cardiology & critical care solutions, diagnostic and interventional.
  • ICU and drug delivery life support and monitoring solutions.
  • Complete profile of diabetes related treatments and support services, including Insulin pump therapy and education, glucose monitoring, and other consumables.
  • Turnkey projects procurement, nurse call systems, low voltage systems, hospital gas networks,
    and IT infrastructure.

Support Services include teams of professionals with years of experience and certified training in technical fields,operations, customer service and support.

Contact Us

  • Head Office:
  • Dubai Healthcare City
  • Building No. 71 District 1,
  • P.O. Box 1586,Dubai, UAE.
  • Tel: +971 4 383 4444
  • Fax: +971 4 357 2255
  • Technical Services Unit
  • Toll Free: 800-MPC (672)
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